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What we do
  • we are konectera

    Konectera Inc. seeks to become an undisputed industry in leader machine to machine communication by relentlessly delivering the best cloud-based sensor management platform and unique technology advancements that become essential to the way we work and live.

    Konectera Inc. is a high-tech start-up based out of the Accelerator Centre, Waterloo, Ontario. Its employees' expertise in medical sensory technology and data analytics is translating into developing innovative solutions for lifestyle management suitable for several differing industries.

  • Who?

    By scanning for different occurrences we can recognize session participants by a multitude of hidden characteristics. Over time, we learn the habits and routines of how tasks are being completed by each individual client without external hints.


    We are unique in the sense of being able to recognize simple and complex events relevant to living subjects and machines. Over time, our solution becomes smarter by recognizing, logging and interpreting stimulus by “Awareness of unknown environment” capabilities.


    Understanding reasons, root cause and what led to certain situations is the core of our R&D. We track trends, log them and modify their output to create models representing their interaction in a real time environment.

  • Services

    At Konectera we strive to provide a wide range of services that are suitable for several differing industries. Our communication systems can be adapted to our clients needs and their specific environments.

    Bluetooth compatibility

    By utilizing the advantages of the Bluetooth communication method our solutions offer compatibility with thousands of products while offering the stability of well known standard.

    WiFi communication

    When the limitations of Bluetooth range restrictions we can offer communication with the current WiFi network or can even provide a unique WiFi solution that can easily be integrated into any environment.

    Cloud development

    We can also provide our clients with the opportunity to store their resources in a unique cloud environment freeing them from storing large amounts of information on their current network.

    IOS development

    All our communication systems have been developed for the ever popular IOS platform. We strive to be compatible with a large segment of users with existing devices.

    Android development

    With Google Android's unprecedented growth we have included the ability for our communication systems to embrace this ever growing platform.

    HTML Integration

    By providing an ability to communicate information across the globe by utilizing the advantages of HTML allows our clients access to all their resources wherever they may be.


    Industrial Applications


    Our solution is applicable to multiple industrial sectors that require awareness of components movement, vibration profiles and dependencies how blocks interact. Our partners who manage production facilities with complex assembly lines are interested in solving several problems associated with early component wear and tear, out of calibration proactive detection to reduce down time.

    By applying our unique tracking systems our customers can detect anomalies before they lead to more serious behaviour. This saves them money and production time. Our infrastructure is easy to apply and real time monitoring can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

    Pet Industry


    Some of us are animal lovers and dedicated pet owners. We are in advanced stages of R&D to introduce a new “wearable for animals” concept that allows unparalleled monitoring of remote clients. Removing the separation anxiety while owners are away, vital signs monitoring, tracking, and several new components under preliminary IP protection are coming in 2015.

    This advancement in wearable technology will allow the pet owner to feel secure that their animal is safe even when at great distances. Should your animal be lost we have implemented several technologies that could identify its location as well as provide an immediate response to the owner by third parties.

    Medical Industry


    With the population aging, humans will require new and innovative ways of care, monitoring and notifications that meet unique requirements. Individuals that prefer to stay at primary residences longer before moving into retirement facilities are our primary customers.

    Konectera products will seemingly synchronize clients vital signs, medication dosage, care required to real time and alarms. This alleviates the stress applied to family members and gives them the confidence that their loved ones are well monitored in any environment.

    First Response

    First Response1First Response2

    Not surprisingly, all emergency personnel are in dire need to enhance visibility of events. Military, police force and firefighters are exposed to unnecessary risk of being injured due insufficient monitoring of current solutions. We like fill this technology gap by using Konectera Hybrid Sensor HUB capable of connecting and managing multitude of our sensors as well as 3rd party components.

    This technology would give supervisors the ability to track all members in real time and provide detailed analysis of their current vital statistics and health measurements. All actions can be logged and reviewed at a later time to provide basic training education and to create strategies based on existing scenarios.

    Custom Builds

    Custom Build1Custom Build2

    By working individually with organizations we can identify their prime needs dependant on the environment, infrastructure and many other factors. Our communication systems have a broad application base that is suitable for many situations. The ability to monitor the results on an individual device level or through their current communication network and with our unique cloud service, gives our potential customers a flexibility to is truly unparalled.

    Whatever the situation we are confident that we can accurately identify the current needs of your organization and provide you with a solution that meets your financial, structural and administrative requirements.


    Since we provide solutions that are adaptable to unique environments are client base is wide ranging, spanning across several vertical demographics. We strive to sculpt our concepts to our customers current network, environment and ecosystem.

    This is what makes us an industry leader in machine to machine communication.

    Our team

    We're a small, friendly and talented team. We craft beautiful digital solutions for wonderful clients across all the major platforms.

    Our engineers and technicians have a wealth of ability and have worked for the following companies

    This gives us the confidence that we have the expertise and know how to get the job done

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    - Arthur C. Clarke -

  • Careers

    We are currently growing.

    If you wish to join a team focused start-up that can offer you a diverse sense of accomplishment please feel free to respond to one of the following job listings.

    If you wish to send us your resume please send it in pdf or doc format to : hr@konectera.com

    Intermediate Software Developer

    Looking for Intermediate Software Developers. Very strong, hands-on experience programming in C and C++ Vast experience with embedded systems Strong experience porting and configuring OS Solid experience with ARM, Power PC microprocessors and microcontrollers

    Previous experience with WLAN, Bluetooth, BLE is an asset Experience with Linux and Android Ability to read and understand hardware schematics University degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering

    Intermediate DSP developer

    Looking for an Intermediate DSP developer with very strong, hands-on experience programming in C and C++ Strong experience with Mathlab Previous experience with RF stack protocols is highly desired Experience with MEMS sensor

    Strong experience with ARM, Power PC microprocessors and microcontrollers Ability to read and understand hardware schematics University degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering

    Intermediate RF Engineer

    Looking for an Intermediate RF Engineer with hands-on circuit design experience with 2.4GHZ system Experience with systems antenna design Strong experience with CST Microwave and Agilent ADS Hands on experience with schematic and PCB layout design Strong experience with approval agency certification process

    Good understanding of DFM/DFT Proficiency using equipment such as spectrum analyzer, Network analyzer, Oscilloscope

    Positions that we are currently looking to fill

    Director of Operations

    Director Business Development - North America

    Director of Sales - Europe

    Customer Specialist/Help Desk

    Hardware Engineering Designer

    Positions that we are currently looking to fill

    Mechanical Engineering Designer

    RF Engineering Designer

    Antenna Designer

    PCB Layout Designer

    System Architecture Lead

    Positions that we are currently looking to fill

    Lab Technician

    Manager Product Certification

    Software Embedded Developer

    DSP Algorithms Developer

    Android Mobile Application Developer

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